Japanese Artist Hiroyuki Doi

New York Times

" (...) Abstract drawings by Hiroyuki Doi, a Japanese artist born in 1946, are also products of trancelike concentration,
but their method is free-form and incremental. Each design is built up from countless small-to-tiny black ink circles
drawn in dense, foam-like clusters, with the clusters coalescing into larger forms that suggest mountains, galactic
clouds or fleshy mounds.

Mr Doi's drawings evoke a whole lineage of cumulative circle-intensive art, led by Yayoi Kusama and Atsuko Tanaka.
And to this he adds a specific personal motiviation. According to a wall text, he regards his pictures as exercises in
cosmic and personal rejuvenation that he feels compelled to perform. (...) "

Published in the New York Times 'Art Review' by HOLLAND COTTER, September 16, 2005

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